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A: The name Montessori usually refers to the educational method developed by Dr. She developed a plan of education that would respect and follow the child’s inner guide to development and work in harmony with the child’s own natural tendencies towards independence and learning.

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We encourage prospective parents to browse these links to gain additional information into the Montessori philosophy, charter schools in California, and examples of other successful California Montessori Charters. Official webpage for one of the main Montessori organizations in the U. Funds raised go directly to support the Sherwood education including teachers, supplies and activities.

<b>Montessori</b> - Pédagogie Educative Inédite - Matériel Sensoriel.


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Sea Pines <strong>Montessori</strong> Academy, Hilton
Montessori - Pédagogie Educative Inédite - Matériel Sensoriel.

As you search for the best preschool for your child you’ll need to consider the school’s philosophy or approach.Sea Pines Montessori Academy, Hilton

Montessori homework philosophy:

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